OUR CASH FLOW: A new way to simplify your financial life

Managing all of your financial accounts both within HomeTown Bank and at other financial institutions is fast, simple, and secure with our latest e-Home Online Banking enhancement, OurCashFlowTM.

We connect to almost every U.S. financial institution with internet banking capability, from checking to mortgage, credit cards to brokerage accounts and more saving you hours of tedious data entry and multiple log-ins.

With OurCashFlowTM and a few simple clicks, your complete financial picture is at your fingertips.

  • See your accounts in one place
  • Use just one password
  • Set up budgets & goals
  • Categorize income & expenses
  • Track spending by category
  • View your net worth with a click of a button
  • Set up customized account alerts
  • View due dates for credit payments
  • Use pie charts & graphs to quickly view your financial position & track your progress

View an online demo here or ask a personal banker at any of our locations for details.